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As the newly elected mayor, you will face a great responsibility. The town faces threats from neighboring kingdoms, and keeping its citizens safe and happy is only up to you! Altwaldheim is a challenging, medieval-inspired rogue-like fantasy city builder. Take on the role of an aspiring mayor. Initially, you must manage a small village. As you strengthen economics, uncover natural resources, build settlements, and expand infrastructure, you will transform Altwaldheim into a great metropolis. Fail, and you will lose everything you worked so hard for!


- Manage your city's economy, collect resources, gain revenue, and plan investments.

- Build your city from humble beginnings to a glorious future with more than 80 hand-drawn buildings!

- Over 300 unique random events to spice up the already difficult life of a Mayor!

- Recruit an army able to defend against enemy forces, choose from 30+ different units types, and attract dozens of unique characters!

- High replayability thanks to the roguelite game design

- One round from the beginning until the final wave takes up to two hours

- Experience the onslaught of massive auo managed battles with up to 5k units clashing!

- Navigate the complicated political landscape, maneuver between 5 factions and guilds to gain their support, and remain in the mayor position.


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